National Youth Organization of Pakistan (NYOP )

Youth is an architect of future. This is not a conventional statement but it is carried a solid fact because the future of a nation depends on young people. Youth has the potential to make difficulties easier and convert impossible in to possible and if we ignore or not consider seriously of this very capable, full of dynamism and confident section of the society, this will lead not only to increasing depression and frustration among youth but also hampered their mental and emotional growth which can be seen by lack of youth participation in different fields of life.

Pakistan has an estimated population of 180 Million while 60% population living on or below US $3 per day. We have approximately 63% young women and men that consider high ranking in the world. Many millions of these young men and women do not get adequate support, facilities and avenues to access opportunities for training, education and skills development so that they could ably contribute to the, betterment of society. In the present international scenario we need a modern/liberal and effective result-oriented action plan which would lead the youth in to positive direction and create a healthy attitudinal change for the moderate, enlightened and Peaceful society.

We stand at 145th position in UNO Human Development Index 2010, which is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and standards of living for countries worldwide. The index was developed in 1990 by Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq.

Since 1987, the NYOP has been developing and supporting several types of national and international programs to address the humanitarian, educational, Human Rights advocacy, Social & political awareness, Trainings / capacity building, Drama and Theater, Inter-faith Dialogue, healthcare, economic needs of the masses. In some cases, NYOP implement these programs directly, while in others supports the efforts of other like-minded organizations and facilitates interaction between groups in order to maximize resources and outcomes.

NYOP believe that “Each generation should live better than last”. We all are trying to play our part in help Pakistani youth to have a better future. If we join our ideas, resource and strength we will plant good seeds for the future of Pakistan.