In the present international scenario we need a modern / liberal and effective result-oriented action plan locally and globally which would lead the youth in to positive direction and create a healthy attitudinal change for the modern and Peaceful world. Dialogue Action Research Training School (DARTS) has been set up to bring down barriers between people of different nationalities and faith, and to help understand and raise awareness of the local cultural, its traditions, customs and harmony among all religion. Interfaith Harmony Initiative and Peace building is the crosscutting theme of all activities of DARTS. A process to organize community around the issues of interfaith harmony and peace building help DARTS to train communities in helping each other and in resolving conflicts at all levels.

There was a need to be met, and this was the key factor in inspiring us to establish DARTS. We are working and developing DARTS where all nationalities can exchange ideas and understand each other a little better. The DARTS Program provided the opportunity for all us to learn something new from our experiences which can then be applied to our everyday lives. Knowledge will always create better understanding and is the only way to “break barriers”. DARTS is “Great contribution to mutual understanding”. If only we would all share, so peacefully, our thoughts and beliefs, understanding each others culture would come so much easier.

DARTS devoted to encouraging debate, discussion, Dialogue and Training Workshops. Through these awareness programs, that will be lead to peace, harmony, tolerant, non-violent, and moderate and reconciliation society. The School conducts on a wide range of issues – including economics, politics, international affairs, literature, history, film, Social conflicts, and social policy. DARTS vision is of a progressive and enlightened Pakistan where there is no room for discrimination and injustice. DARTS believes in justice for all, gender equality, and human rights for all as enshrined in the principles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE, CEDAW – The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women and all other charters, covenants and protocols of the United Nations Organization on human rights.