National Youth Organization of Pakistan (NYOP) is a community based non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York. NYOP works with Pakistani and other South Asian migrant communities. We help in creating an inclusive environment by establishing clear communication among people and providing help on different matters; we organize language programs, interfaith dialogues, and cultural integration programs. Our language program helps Pakistani immigrants get comfortable with speaking English for example, NYOP created a program for women who found it difficult to speak the English language. They were tutored by organizations’ members in preparation for their citizenship exam. Our interfaith dialogue is an interaction between different religions residing in the same community to produce a positive conversation. Our purpose is to get young people involved in their communities and help immigrant families stay connected to their heritage.

We are trying to work on a national level for Pakistanis living in other parts of the United States. We carry out our aims by working with the community board, local organizations, news outlets and NYC assembly members and council members. NYOP also works closely with local colleges and universities such as New York University, Pace University, Columbia University, and Kean University in New Jersey, and Texas University in Austin. We also arrange group discussions, language programs, seminars and international conferences with these institutions to carry out the organization’s aims.

Being a youth group, our priority is to focus on youth and we have given talent appreciation awards to young people to encourage their social development. Our priorities are to contribute to promoting peace, democracy and human rights within the migrant communities in the USA and to help them integrate with the society and contribute towards the development of the country as responsible citizens. We also focus on combating poverty and improving living standards and quality of life, thereby promoting great social and economic development, justice and gender equality.         

We implement our programs directly in the United States but we have some like-minded organizations in Pakistan that work alongside with us and support us and we support them with our reciprocal community development welfare. NYOP has been developing and supporting several types of national and international programs to address the humanitarian, educational, Human Rights advocacy and social development programs, training/capacity building, Drama and Theater, Inter-faith Dialogue and economic needs of the masses.

We initiate public debates about the means to eradicate discrimination and social injustice against women, minorities and other disenfranchised groups in the United States and Pakistan. We also aim to coordinate with survivors of persecution, torture and trauma because of political & religious affiliation or their race & ethnicity and facilitate their access to health and psychological care. We emphasize direct and practical participation of people in the development process, compulsory and essential role of youth and women in all development processes, equal access to resources, opportunities and information to maintain social justice, collective thinking in addressing people’s problems and effective strategies and participation of all in long-term sustainable development.               

We strongly believe that international exposure is very important for all community development organizations. Last year we were affiliated with two organizations with ECOSOC consultative status in the United States and Pakistan, i.e. NGOCSW in New York and World Welfare Association in Pakistan. National Youth Organization of Pakistan believes that “Each generation should live better than last”. We all are trying to play our part in helping Pakistani youth to have a better future. If we join ideas, resources and strength we will plant good seeds for the future of Global Peace.