Our Mission

To give talent appreciation awards to young people to encourage them in social development.

To contribute towards promoting peace, democracy and human rights among the migrant community in USA and help them to integrate in the USA society and contribute towards the development of the country as responsible citizens.

To combat poverty and improvements in living standards and quality of life, thereby, promoting great social and economic development, justice and gender equality.

To initiate public debate about the means to eradicate discrimination and social injustice against women, minorities and other disenfranchised groups in Pakistan through organization of educate

To coordinate with survivors of persecution, torture and trauma on account of political & religious affiliation or their race & ethnicity and facilitate them to access with healthcare, psychological care.

To organize lectures, seminars, training workshops, theater for the mental and intellectual growth of youth in different fields.

Our Philosophy

Direct and practical participation of people in development process Compulsory and essential role of Youth and women in all development processes Equal access to resources to resources, opportunities and information to maintain social justice Collective thinking in addressing people’s problem and effective strategies and participation of all in long-term sustainable development