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DARTS was established  to develop contacts and dialogue exchange between the youth of  U.S.A. and Pakistan. The Program promotes people-to-people and institutional links covering the spectrum of U.S. relations with Pakistan. This is a social, multicultural and community development initiative that provides a range of Dialogue Action Research Training services & activities designed to promote a greater awareness of United States in Pakistan and a greater awareness of Pakistan in U.S through its social and cultural support activities.

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Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Conference, Columbia University - New York 2018


Al Ehsan Welfare Eye Hospital Lahore

There are several communities within Mughalpura, Lahore area and the pressure of population on inadequate infrastructure resulted in acute problems of Health, Sanitation, Education and Environment. Under such circumstances educated youth and few elderly persons organized themselves in a community-based organization to work for the welfare of the local population. This group identified their major problems as Health and Medical Facilities. Therefore, they decided to setup a Free Dispensary in this area and constituted an organization under the name of “AL-EHSAN WELFARE SOCIETY” on October 8th, 1993.


Pakistan Christian Association - USA

Indus Community Empowerment Foundation - Pakistan

Educating brothel children in Pakistan should be a priority.

These children are the forgotten by-product of Pakistan’s undercover sex trade; spending their days on the streets and returning at night to sleep on brothel floors. They face malnutrition, physical and mental abuse and are prime targets of trafficking.


Eric Ki Bathak